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Getting Started
Can I apply if I don't have a Bachelor's degree?
VIPKID is very strict on applicants’ education level and requires applicants to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. We require this because our customers care about our teachers’ education level. They look for VIPKID because they trust we have teachers that meet their criteria. VIPKID cannot offer one thing to customers and make exceptions to applicants who do not have a Bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applicants without a college degree.
Where do I have to live in to be eligible to work for VIPKID?
You can work with VIPKID from anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection.
I cannot sign up on the website! What should I do?
Here are some things you can try

1. Refresh the page

2. Clear your web browser cache.

Switch browsers. Our website should work optimally on Chrome, but it can be picky. Try with other browsers.
Try to connect to the internet from another server or another computer.

In case you try all these options and still encounter problems, email us. Our email is 
How long is the contract for?
We require a 6-month minimum commitment from our applicants. The contract can be renewed.
The website is having some technical issues. What should I do?
Please take a screenshot of the problem you are having and send to teachvip@vipkid.com.cn.
What equipment do I need?
All technology requirements can be found here: https://t.vipkid.com.cn/tech-reqs