Our team of educational partners.

We have quite a few partners, sidekicks, and accomplices who help us support student learning. Meet them below.

National Geographic is much more than a magazine, and we’ve partnered with them to incorporate portions of their English language learning content into our curriculum.

To help our youngest readers learn letter sounds,words, and short sentences in the easiest way possible, we partnered with one of the authorities in early language learning.

Working in education means striving to always provide the best for students. We’re supported in this through TESOL’s research and advocacy around language acquisition best practices.

We work with Sterling to do all of our pre-employment background checks. Their advanced screening tools help us ensure student and family safety.

We work with Lexile to make sure each new student begins their lessons at the right level. Through their assessment, we’re able to place students appropriately into our curriculum.

As a global creator of children’s multimedia, SmartStudy’s 3,000+ songs and stories allows us to enhance and enrich the online educational experience for students and teachers.